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Custom DTF Print 45ft - 99ft

Custom DTF Print 45ft - 99ft

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We can print your custom DTF prints. Simply upload your file and press send!


1) Canvas width must be no more than 12.00 inches. Files will be resized if they exceed this limit.

2) Images must be in CMYK and not mirrored on your Canvas. RGB files are acceptable. 

3) Designs must be ready to go for printing. This means they must be:

    • In the proper format - .png, .svg, (.psd will need to be emailed)
    • With transparent background
    • A minimum of 300 dpi. Pixelated designs = bad print output. No screenshots accepted

4) We don’t edit, check, or clean images. We can edit / clean your designs, but this will be subject to a design fee of $25/hr. 

5) We do our best to color match, but please be aware that there may be slight color variations, especially if the file submitted are in RGB. 

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