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Custom DTF (Build Your Gangsheet)

Custom DTF (Build Your Gangsheet)

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Prints are ready anywhere between 2-5 business days. If you require RUSH PRINTS (24 hours or less, there is an additional fee of $25+tax) that will be added to your invoice. Please indicate "RUSH PRINT NEEDED" at the notes section in your cart.

Build your own Gang Sheet

DTF Ordering Guidelines

Have a design you'd like us to print for DTF? We may be able to help!
However, we have some guidelines and reminders for printing.

  1. Minimum of 3 square feet. 
    • Incorrect submissions that are less than the minimum as per the product description/title will be cancelled and refunded.
    • A processing fee of $10.00 will be subtracted from your refund.
  2. Full payment is required prior to processing custom dtf prints.
  3. Avoid using tints for artwork.
    • Colors can vary from your monitor to our printer so there may be some variation in colors when we print them. We print in CMYK so designs made with RGB will not have the same output when printed. 
  4. High resoultion images only.
    • We don’t edit, check, or clean images. We print as submitted. If you submit a pixelated image, it will be printed as is. While we try to catch low resolution images to inform you, this is not a guarantee. We do not offer refunds for bad prints.
    • A minimum of 300 dpi. Pixelated designs = bad print output.
    • Under no circumstance do we accept print screens.
  5. Proper Sizing
    • We do not take responsibility for improperly sized designs. We will resize your submitted designs smaller if they are too big for the sheet you requested. 
    • Sized appropriately.
      • Max width 12" 
      • Length in 12" increments (less 0.5 inch at the top and the bottom)
  6. Designs must be ready for printing. This means they must be:
    • In the proper format - .png, .psd, .ai
    • With transparent background
    • Not mirrored when submitted
Still have questions or need some clarification? Give us a shout! Use our Contact Form to submit your query. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful designs!

    Application Instructions


    1. Remove lint and pre-press garment to remove excess moisture (approx 5 seconds).
    2. Apply DTF Transfer to garment using a heat press (between 270F-285F) with firm, even pressure for 8 - 10 seconds.
    3. Remove heat press and let film cool down. To check if film is ready to be removed, try peeling a small corner section. If the design lifts, the film needs to be cooled down more. 
    4. Peel film and repress for another 5 seconds.
    5. DONE!

    Tips: To achieve a slightly glossy design, use teflon sheet as a barrier. For a more matte look, use parchment paper. Portable heat press use for transfer application is not recommended.

    Still have questions?

    Send us an email:

    or click on the Chat button on the page!

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