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12”x12” Permanent Vinyl Glitter

12”x12” Permanent Vinyl Glitter

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Permanent Vinyl meant for hard surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, etc.


1) Load vinyl onto your mat, right side up. Make sure your vinyl  is secured well to your mat. DO NOT MIRROR YOUR CUT!

2) Select appropriate setting for cutting (recommend “vinyl setting”). Start machine cut.

3) Unload vinyl when the machine is done cutting and weed out excess vinyl.

4) Using a transfer tape (strong grip recommended for glitter), place it over your vinyl pattern to make your vinyl adhere to the tape. Scrape surface of the transfer tape to ensure that the vinyl as adhered well to it. Then, gently remove the backing of the vinyl.

5) Make sure that the surface of where you intend to add your design on is clean. Add your design to it, making sure that you are pressing the tape and the design firmly against your medium. 

6) Gently remove the tape off. Your vinyl pattern should have adhered to your medium and you’re done!


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